W Wen & Co was founded in 2009 and since then has continued to meet the needs of it’s clients within diverse industries, by providing services in accounting, taxation and business consulting.

A foundation of trust

We believe the foundation of good business practice is trust. We work closely with all our clients to build a trusting and professional working relationship.

Our clients benefit from our longstanding experience and expertise in the financial world. As a result, many of our clients are long-term customers and we have been able to oversee the growth of their businesses from mere ideas on a notepad into the formation of a successful company.

Wen’s vision, as the founder of W Wen & Co, is to assist people in adapting to the changes in the financial world while also achieving their goals.    

From day one, Wen realised she could not achieve this vision alone. Over time she has recruited, trained and inspired a brilliant team, transforming them into “thoroughly trained accountants” who are capable of thinking beyond the numbers.